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Moscow scientists and private business to jointly develop and sell electron accelerators

13 Jun '13
A new lab is being set up on the premises of Moscow Lomonosov State Universitys Research Institute of Nuclear Physics to develop and engage in small-scale production of electron accelerators, reports Nanonewsnet.ru, a Russian portal of nanotech news.

The project is reportedly being pushed as a private-public partnership (PPP) endorsed in Federal Law #217 that in 2009 enabled universities to commercialize their research projects by setting up separate businesses. Moscow Lomonosov State Universitys partner in the endeavor is Scantronics Systems, a privately owned Russian company.

Electron accelerators are used in a wide range of applications, including medicine, industrial processes, sterilization, inspection and screening, nondestructive testing, etc. The new MSU-Scantronics lab will focus on the development of accelerators for exactly these purposes, said Prof. Vasily Shvedunov from the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics.

The Institute began its own research into electron accelerator capabilities as far back as 1983 with its project aimed at developing continuous action electron accelerators to study interaction between electromagnetic radiation and atomic nuclei.
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