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New retraining program for biotech specialists announced

12 Apr '13
The Rusnano InfraFund and Nanolek, a biotech company set up by Russias nanotech giant, will invest on a par basis in excess of $530,000 in the development and implementation of a vocational retraining program for specialists working on immunobiological drugs and related technologies, Rusnano announced earlier this week.

The actual developer of the programs curriculum will be Vyatka State University in Kirov, in the mid-Volga area. The university is reported to have won an InfraFund tender.

The future program will be designed to increase the expertise of biotechnology engineers and managers engaged in the development and commercialization of biotech and pharmaceutical products. It also calls for on-the-job training of Russian specialists on the premises of leading educational and research centers in Russia and Europe.

Most graduates of the program will be offered employment at Nanoleks new biopharma factory currently under construction in the Kirov region. The facility will manufacture innovation nanotech-based drugs.

By 2014, at least 25 specialists are expected to complete retraining under the new program.
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