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Union of Innovators formed in Omsk region

25 Jul '12
The Union of Innovators has been formed in the Omsk region, newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

The new structure was championed by the Omsk Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a regional rep office of the Bortnik Fund, and youth scientific club UMNIK.

The entity aims at uniting innovator teams and high-tech projects developers and helping them in solving their problems.

Maksim Chekusov, director of the Omsk Rosacademia Experimental Factory, named the following problems faced by innovators: issues of interaction between inventors and universities that do not want to support know-how unless they co-participate in an innovative project; imperfect patent legislation; poor marketing; technological backwardness of production facilities.

The Union of Innovators is reportedly a bottom-up initiative. Organizers expect that heads of advanced large companies, ministries and public and private investment funds will soon join the alliance.

There are measures to strengthen an innovation market currently being carried out in the Omsk region. Earlier an independent innovation council was set up in the area. The Association of Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship Development has started drafting a law on small innovative companies of the Omsk region. Recently Governor Victor Nazarov has announced a decision to create a new ministry of science and innovations in the region.
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