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Genome Data Analysis course taught in Russia

3 Jul '12
The practical educational course “Genome Data Analysis” for specialists of innovation companies and science organizations started in Russia today, NanoNewsNet reports.

The course, to be taught on July 2-12 outside Moscow, will be attended by 16 Russian specialists from innovation companies and research labs, interested in using bioinformatics in their work. The participants have been selected out of 116 applicants from 12 Russian cities.

The educational course in Russia will be taught by scientists from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), the course founders and annual organizers. Over 400 researchers in CSHL work in fields of neurophysiology, cancer diagnostics and treatment, plant biology and development of new kinds of biofuel. The lab has had eight Nobel Prize winners. CSHL is also known by its conferences and educational programs, annually attended by over 12,500 scientists from all over the world. Russian course fully matches CHSL’s syllabus and includes lectures and seminars on analysis and interpretation of data, obtained through methods of highly efficient DNA sequencing.

Using modern methods of genome data analysis results in quality progress in basic and applied biomedical research in such sectors, as personal medicine and pharmacology, agriculture and food industry.

The course is organized by the Education Center of the Institute of Gene Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with financial support from the Fund of Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Dynasty Foundation and InterLabService. Due to financial contribution of its partners the program will cost its participants twice less than a similar program in the US.
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