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Molecule CBL0137 tested on animals’ neuroblastoma tumors

28 Jun '12
Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. and Incuron, a portfolio company of the venture fund Bioprocess Capital Ventures, set up with participation of the Russian Venture Company (RVC), have announced results of new research, demonstrating potential therapeutic effect of the molecule CBL0137 in combination with chemotherapy on animals’ neuroblastoma models, RVC reports.

Professor Michelle Haber, Ph.D., CEO of the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia and president of the ANR Association, talked about several experiments, held in cooperation with the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Cancer Institute Roswell Park, Cleveland BioLabs and Incuron. Experiments studied action of the molecule CBL0137 in combination with cyclophosphamide and topotecan, standard chemotherapeutical agents for treating relapsing neuroblastoma, on mice TH-MYCN with spontaneous neuroblastoma, which is very similar to human neuroblastoma. During monotherapy the molecule CBL0137 and standard chemotherapy slowed the tumor growth and increased survival rate among animals, but did not lead to full tumor regress. However, oral and intravenous administration of CBL0137 in combination with cyclophosphamide and topotecan led to full tumor regress with 100% tested animals.

Professor Haber, “We are happy with research results. We have been working with this model many years and have tried many therapeutic approaches, however this is the first case of full tumor regress with animals. Results of research of use of CBL0137 in combination with cyclophosphamide and topotecan give hope to doctors and inspire us for further successes in the field in the nearest future.”

Neuroblastoma is the most widely spread solid tumor happening in early age and hard to treat.

CBL0137 is a patented small molecule with unique action mechanism, studied for oncological use.
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