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Tatarstanís Nanotechnological Center and Polymer Association to cooperate

3 May '12
The Center of Nanotechnologies of the Republic of Tatarstan and Association of Polymer Processing of the Republic of Tatarstan have signed an agreement on cooperation, news agency Tema Kazan reports.

According to Dmitry Pashin, the CEO of the Center of Nanotechnologies of RT, under the cooperation the parties will select projects with best commercial potential and create conditions for their fast growth.

Under plans, the parties will provide commercial expertise services, resulting in official conclusion of scientific and business consultants of the Center of Nanotechnologies and industrial consultants of the Association, helping entrepreneurs to minimize risks at an innovative projectís launch stage. Thorough project preparation, and the united pool of experts, will enable to link innovative projects and launch their start as soon as possible.

The Nanocenter also starts a big project to create a shared database of innovative companies in Tatarstan that will be accessible to all infrastructure organizations, universities, financial institutes, fulfilling the synergy principle that will unite efforts of all players of innovative market and promote healthy competition in nano-sector.

The Association of Polymer Processing was set up in the city of Nizhnekamsk with support of regional authorities to organize interaction between small and large businesses in Tatarstan. Association lobbies interests of small companies, engaged in processing petrochemical products at various levels.
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