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Alcor Bios cancer markers get Roszdravnadzor registration

4 Apr '12
St. Petersburg biotechnological company Alcor Bios cancer-specific markers OncoIFA-REA and OncoIFA-SA 19-9 were registered by the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor), news agency Remedium reports citing the company.

There are a few dozen of various oncological markers currently used in clinical practice. The markers are used for diagnostics of oncological diseases (in combination with other diagnostics methods), prognosis of oncological diseases progress, monitoring of therapy efficiency, early recognition of disease backset. Doctors only use results of oncological markers lab research in combination with other methods of diagnostics of oncological diseases.

The markers OncoIFA REA quantitatively recognize concentration of carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA) in human blood serum using enzyme-linked immunosorbent array method. CEA is the most widely used marker for detecting gastrointestinal tract cancer.

Agents Onco-IFA-SA 19-9 quantitatively recognize concentration of cancer antigen CA 19-9 in human blood serum using enzyme-linked immunosorbent array method. Patients with malignant tumors of gastrointestinal tract often show increased concentration of CA 19-9 in blood serum.

Both markers are characterized by wide ranges of detected concentrations; high sensitivity; extended limits of hook-effect of high concentrations; control serum.
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