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RUSNANO, NSG, EBRD and STiS to make energy-saving glass

8 Dec '11
RUSNANO, group of companies NSG, presented at the Russian market under the Pilkington brand, as well as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Russian group of companies STiS have signed an agreement on creation of the complex to produce high-quality glass with special coating, NanoNewsNet reports.

Total investment into the project will reportedly come in at about $378m. RUSNANO and EBRD will reportedly invest $90m and $45m respectively. Additional finance is expected to be raised for the project, including loans and preferred shares. Additional financing from RUSNANO will total about $102m.

One of the JVs main products will be energy-saving glass. This glass possesses unique features because of the special multi-layer coating. Each layer is 5 to 500 nanometers. As a result of applying coating, the glass gets the unique feature of maintaining heat inside the building. In many countries in the world 80-100% of the total number of installed windows use energy-saving glass.

Using energy-saving glass in residential and industrial buildings helps to lower heat loss in cold season by 70%. During hot weather such windows protect buildings from overheating. Using energy-saving glass helps to lower cost on heating and air conditioning of buildings.

The agreement implies construction of the new plant in the town of Ramenskoye in Moscow region. It will be located near the existing plant Pilkington, that will also be modernized under the project.

Annual production capacity of the new plant will be 240,000 tons of high-quality glass, incluing 100,000 tons of energy saving glass.
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