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Skolkovo registers 15 new residents

2 Dec '11
The ninth ceremony of giving Skolkovo resident statuses was held in Moscow. 15 new companies became the innovation center participants, innovation and venture news source UNOVA reports.

Total number of residents has reportedly come in at 274.

Five new participants were registered in the biomedical cluster, including the following: “A-Laboratory”, with the project of creating new target-specific anti-cancer medicines with the double action mechanism for treating medication-resistance tumors; “Gene and Cell Therapy”, with the project of development of innovative approaches in order to create the prototype of the new class of medications based on environment of cultivating mesenchymal stromal cells; “Darius” with the project of development and studying the innovative class of pharmaceuticals, created based on biomolecules of live cells of plants, obtained as a result of deep processing of soft wood wastes; “Quantum Age” with the project for development of medicines – regulators of glycolysis; and “Mini-Institute Print”, with the project for development of an industrial prototype of a device and new technology, realizing the method of comparative express-analysis of liquids based on registration of dynamics of processes in a drying drop.

The information and computer technologies cluster also got five new companies: “Balakam”, with the project for development and expansion of the new system of Internet search of sources of live broadcasting; “Digital Solutions”, with the project of streaming-technology of progressive downloading of heavy content PlayFast; innovative firm “Displair Company” with the project of the interactive screenless display; “Linprim” with the project of creating a new product – user-simple server operation system Linux; and Telum with the project of development of algorithms and protocols of self-organization of small cells of LTE standard and their realization in the innovative software-device product – small base station LTE.

The energy efficiently cluster added three new residents: “Company Industrial Electronics”, with the project of reactive power and distortion power with the function of preventing icing of power lines; “Novas Sk”, with the project of creation of ecologically pure technology of increasing oil and gas recovery of horizontal oil and gas wells through the method of plasma-impulse impact; “Supermaterial”, with the project of development and production of highly-ordered and low-defect conjugated polymers and carbon materials for energy efficient and energy saving technologies.

The clusters of nuclear technologies and space technologies and telecommunications got one new resident each. Those are “GArs”, with the project of development of matrix gamma-detectors based on the new semiconducting material – gallium arsenide, and development of the methods of computer tomography and colored X-ray diffraction; and “ISON”, with the project of the commercial system of monitoring of space crafts and man-made objects at the near-earth orbit.
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