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Innovation Convention names best young innovators

1 Dec '11
Source: Fourth Russian Innovation Convention

Moscow’s Digital October Center hosted on November 29 the Fourth Russian Innovation Convention where this year’s young Zvorykin Award laureates were named.

More than 800 young innovators from all across Russia took part in this year’s Zvorykin Award competition, Zvorykin Project’s Sergei Blintsov told the Award ceremony audience.

The 2011 Zvorykin Award laureates are:

In special nominations:

1. Nuclear Technology: Sergei Kulikov (Dubna) and his project “Cool ball neutron moderator on the IBR-2M pulsed fast reactor for nanomaterial and condensed medium studies”;

2. Space Technologies and Telecoms: Andrei Zlatov (St. Petersburg) and his project “FOCL capacity booster based on holographic spectral multiplex technology”;

3. Medical Technologies and Pharma: Valeriy Ilyinsky (Moscow) and his project “Mobile DNA diagnostics”;

4. IT and Software: Yuri Solyaev (Moscow) and his project “NanoComposite software complex for analysis of physical-mechanical properties of composite materials containing nano-dimensional additives”;

5. Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving: Mikhail Smirnov (Moscow) and his project “Micro-silicicated graphite based ‘hedgehogs’ with carbon nanotubes as ‘prickles’”;

In general nominations:

1. The Best Innovative Idea: Diana Tazetdinova (Kazan) and her project “Microbe specimen for making biofertilizers and biopesticides”;

2. The Best Innovative Project: Alexander Kostevich (Moscow) and his project “IRA technology. A wireless charger”;

3. The Best Innovative Product: Maxim Kamanin (Astrakhan) and his project “The DisplAir interactive screenless display”.

Each general nomination winner has received a $33k grant. All special nomination laureates will be able to apply for Skolkovo residency, the source reports.

Present at the closing ceremony were: Russian Venture Company CEO and president Igor Agamirzyan; Rovio marketing director Peter Vesterbacka; Harvard professor and Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides; senior partner at Runa Capital VC and Parallels’ chief architect, Sergei Belousov; VC investor Bill Tye; and some others.
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