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Novosibirsk’s 95% accurate breast cancer diagnostics unveiled

22 Nov '11
Vladislav Mileiko, a post-graduate from Novosibirsk’s Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, and PhD Pavel Laktionov are developing a noninvasive method of early breast cancer diagnostics with up to 95% accuracy, portal NanoNewsNet reports.

The innovative technique is reportedly based on analysis of extracellular DNA in a woman’s blood. It is said to be 30% more accurate than any other method known in the world.

The method uses a set of reagents to process a blood test. A lab assistant first draws venous blood and then sends it for further analysis.

According to Mr. Mileiko, “…to identify an anomaly in the human body we do not have to penetrate the organ itself to see if there’s a malignant tumor. A blood sample will do. In fact, neoplastic cells divide incessantly as they live, which causes their rapid dying-off. Their degradation products get into blood flow. The identification of such products in blood gives us the key to early cancer diagnostics…”

The developers say they do not need expensive equipment either. “…By adding to our platform certain tracers we can get exhaustive information that enables us to choose a therapy, monitor the effectiveness of one, or anticipate any relapse for patients that underwent treatment some time ago,” Mr. Mileiko added.

Today’s most widespread breast cancer diagnostics technique, mammography, is believed to be only 70% accurate, according to the Novosibirsk developers.

As Mr. Mileiko estimates, it will take just over a year to complete the entire R&D. Certification will then require another six months or so.

To complete R&D the developers are seeking $400k from the RF government, including state-owned Russian Venture Company.
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