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Izvarino-Pharma and partners to present medicine delivery nano-platforms

27 Sep '11
A unique Russian project on development of nano-sized systems of delivering hormone and anti-tumor medicines is to be presented at the 4th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum on September 28, 2011, Vesti.ru reports.

The project is reportedly carried out by the Moscow firm Izvarino Pharma, which is a part of Swedish group Ferring Pharmaceuticals, in cooperation with Innovation and Production Technopark Idea and the Center of Technologies Transfer at the territory of Khimgrad technopolis in Kazan. The complex is scheduled to start operating at full capacity in Q1 2012.

The project goal is development of modern nanotechnology-based systems of delivering medicines into the human body.

The crated nano-sized systems of delivering medicines are to improve by ten times or more bio-access of highly-active substances, which has not been achieved by any other projects.

There are five laboratories in the world engaged in similar research. These labs are in the USA, Israel and Europe. The project is a part of the Pharmaceuticals Industry Development Strategy in Russian Federation till 2020.

The project was first announced in June 2011. As the business weekly Gde Dengi wrote at the time, total investment into the Pharmacological Research Center (PRC) was estimated at $17m. Of the total funding, Izvarino Pharma was to contribute $4.8m in the project. Another $4.6m was invested by the Center of Technologies Transfer, a JV by RUSNANO and the Russian Academy of Science. The cost of the building for the Pharmacological Research Center, provided by the Idea technopark, was estimated at $2.2m. Another $5.4m was to be given by RUSNANO in the form of special equipment.

According to Orest Ibragimov, the director of Izvarino Pharma, one the PRCs operations direction would be development of nano-platforms for delivering highly-active medicines. The second direction of the PRC would be development of medicines for woman health, including hormonal medication. Besides, the PRC is to operate under the All-Russian Pharmaceutical Strategy till 2020; under the strategy, the center is to reproduce medicines of life importance, including production of anti-tumor medicines.
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