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Nanoindustria’s UMKA training and scientific nanocomplex unveiled

24 Aug '11
Nanoindustria has developed new software for the UMKA nanocomplex it is creating for schools and labs, portal Nanonewsnet reports.

The new software is reportedly based on the adapted IBM Rational technology.

According to the source, the software makes it much easier to employ the nanocomplex, enhances visualization quality and also makes it possible for entry-level users to work with the system as its user interface has been simplified and functionality optimized. The system can therefore be used not only in scientific and industrial R&D organizations but also at schools, colleges and universities.

The UMKA nanotech complex is based on a scanning tunnel microscope and enables users to do presentations, research and school projects in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, genetics and other fundamental and applied sciences, including developing technology in nanoelectronics.

UMKA is also a tool to train people in modern practical approaches to nano-dimension structures. The complex can be used at scientific entities and industrial labs.

At the heart of tunnel microscope operation is the so-called tunnel effect—electron tunneling via a narrow potential barrier between a metal probe and a sample in an external electrical field.

The tunnel microscope detects local interaction (change in current) between the probe and surface of the sample to be studied as the two mutually approach. In the process current is fed into the circuit consisting of the probe (needle), the sample, and a voltage source. Data on the material and surface topography is determined by either change in a distance between the sample and the needle (narrowing of tunnel clearance) or by change in tunnel current magnitude.

The tunnel microscope reportedly enables quality surface imaging as deep as atomic resolution.
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