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$68m RVC Seed Investment Fund registers six Venture Partners

21 Jan '10
Russian Venture Company’s Seed Investment Fund has registered the first six Venture Partners, Russian Venture Company (RVC) reports.

The Venture Partners include Nizhny Novgorod-based Business-Angels Association “Start Investment”, Elementary Parts, Inventure, Managing company “Alfa-Capital”, Center for Corporate Decisions and Minerva Capital Partners.

The system of the registered Venture Partners has been created by the RVC Seed Investment Fund in order to look for innovation projects and prepare them for presentation at the Fund’s Investment Committee, as well as to ensure efficient cooperation at the projects investment and post-investment stages.

Under plans, by the end of the year, the number of the Fund’s Venture partners may reach several dozen, enabling Russian innovation entrepreneurs to raise new investment for their projects at the seed stage.

The RVC Seed Investment Fund was founded by the Russian Venture Company in cooperation with the FASIE Fund. The Fund is aimed at investment into Russian innovation companies with high growth potential in Russian and foreign innovation and technology markets. The RVC Seed Investment Fund’s authorized capital is $68m.
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