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New Russian man-made hip joint may never require replacement

24 May '22
Scientists at the Perm Polytechnic University in the West Urals are reported to have developed an improved model of a hip joint endoprosthesis. Interim research results have been published in English in Journal of Machinery Manufacture and Reliability 2021.

The new prosthetic device consists of an organic part, which comprises a carbon fiber based composite and phenol-formaldehyde resin as a binder, and a metallic part (titanium).

In a comment on the research a scientific team member and engineering designer at Perm Polytechnic, Egor Razumovsky, said that the international competition typically taps no other material but metal alloys to make prostheses. They look good, but theres one problem. As different parts of such a prosthetic device rub and grind mechanically against each other as the person moves, this leaves microdust particles that cause inflammatory reactions in the surrounding tissue. As a result, new surgery is required after 5-10 years of the wearing of the artificial hip joint.

With a prosthetic device that comprises a carbon-carbon based composite (two carbon-based organic substances), no more surgery and no more hip joint replacements will be required, Mr. Razumovsky said.

According to the World Health Organization, degenerative processes and traumas associated with the human hip joint will only be on the rise as life expectancy increases across the globe.
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