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“Doctor's appointment”: robot comes as patient to train future physicians

18 Jun '21
A new humanoid robot plays the role of a patient at a doctor's appointment. With its help, students learn to prescribe examinations, make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Cyborg simulates a doctor's appointment, as they say, in full: complains about his health, asks for stronger pills. Future doctors should listen to the “patient”, collect anamnesis, prescribe tests and additional studies, diagnose and prescribe treatment.

As told in the development company, in many medical universities today actors are invited for this, sometimes the role of the patient is played by the university staff themselves. With all the advantages of a live performance, there are still disadvantages: a person can replay and the symptoms of a certain disease will turn out to be not the same. The teacher will have to either continuously monitor the process or review the videos.

With the car, everything is easier. And - more precisely. The humanoid robot of the Promobot company in the exam mode is able to accurately reproduce the patient's behavior at the reception, to assess the correctness of the studies, treatment and diagnosis prescribed by the student. In addition, the robot records the entire process on a camera, and then sends the results with video recording to the responsible teacher. Today, the robot can conduct such an exam in eight areas, including cardiology and oncology.

The robot patient reproduces 600 variants of human micromimics, can move eyes, eyebrows, lips. Can maintain a conversation and answer questions. In addition to the exam mode, the robot works in the training mode. According to the developers, they have produced twenty such robots for medical schools. Three of them are already working at Moscow State University, Perm Medical University and Novgorod Medical Academy.

The company-developer of a robot examiner with a human appearance for training future doctors is a resident of Skolkovo. Researchers from the Perm Medical University participated in the creation of the robot.
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