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Palm vein reader successfully tested in Urals region

30 Jul '20
BioSmart Quasar facial identification terminal, BioSmart PV-WM palm vein reader and BioSmart PV-WTC terminal developed by BIOSMART have successfully passed a series of rigorous engineering tests in the laboratory of the Ural company Prosoft-Systems.
The results of the passed tests convincingly prove that BIOSMART developments meet the highest quality and reliability standards, said CEO Alexander Dremin.
One of BIOSMART's developments, a palm vein reader, is the winner of this year's Startup Village competition.

All devices have received a certificate of compliance with GOST 14254-2015 for the degree of protection IP65. This marking means that the body of the devices reliably protects their electronic stuffing from dust and moisture. BioSmart terminals and readers will remain operational even in a rainstorm or when a fire alarm system is triggered, and the user's contact with potentially dangerous structural elements is completely excluded.

The BioSmart Quasar terminal has also passed electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests. Tests have confirmed that the level of electromagnetic radiation of the terminal does not exceed the permissible values, and the equipment itself is resistant to external electromagnetic interference. It is proven that Biosmart Quasar will withstand strong conducted interference caused by radio frequency electromagnetic fields, will not burn out from air and contact (up to 4 degrees of severity) electrostatic discharge or power surges.
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