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New underwater pipeline diagnostics developed in Urals

16 Mar '16
Quantum Magnetic Pipe Test (QMPT), a spin-off company of the Ural Federal University (UrFU) in Yekaterinburg, has developed a method of high-precision 3D detection of underwater oil and gas trunk lines.

Last summer the technology was put to the test on the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean, where employees of UrFUs Institute of Physics and Technology (IPT) used the new approach to find a trunk line Gazprom, the Russian natural gas monopoly, had laid years before. An impressive level of precision revealed during the experiment proved the entire effort was a success, the university said.

According to Evgeny Narkhov, the CEO at QMPT and an IPT postgraduate, this is a commercially viable project as there is market demand for detecting pipelines deep below water or ground surface with an accuracy of just a few centimeters, and for determining whether a line needs repair.

The Ural researchers are reported to have managed to not only find but also photograph and compute the spatial location of underwater branch pipes of the main line at different depths. The instruments and other devices used in the experiment have been developed and built by UrFUs quantum magnetometry laboratory.

The magnetometers UrFU produces are said to enable pipeline detection and examination up to 30 meters below the surface of the sea. The scientists will draw on the results of the Kara Sea experiment to improve their technology of nondestructive contactless inspection of oil and gas pipelines, and also upgrade production methods for the manufacture of domestic high-precision nautical magnetometers.

QMPT offers corporates and individuals its services in detection and monitoring of magnetic fields anomalies.
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