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ASI to open regional office in Ekaterinburg

20 Sep '11
Autonomous non-profit organization Agency of Strategic Initiatives in Promoting New Projects (ASI) intends to open its first regional office in Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, news agency RIA Novosti reports citing the director general of ASI Andrey Nikitin.

“Already next week we will set up the first base point in Ekaterinburg,” Andrey Nikitin announced at the 10th International Investment Forum Sochi-2011.

He explained that ASI had chosen Sverdlovsk region as it is the region with fastest dynamics of the national business development.

Mr. Nikitin noted that one of the main goals of ASI was to destroy administrative barriers, preventing entrepreneurs from doing business efficiently. He reminded that the agency selected perspective business-projects and helped them to work with development institutes, such as Vnesheconombank, RUSNANO and the Russian Venture Company (RVC).

Mr. Nikitin also added that ASI wouldn’t want to show preference towards certain companies. According to him, the main goal is to break barriers for all participants in the market.

In June 2011 Vladimir Putin said that the first regional structure of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives would be set up in the Urals.

The Agency of Strategic Initiatives in Promoting New Projects was founded by the RF Government in order to support socially significant projects and initiatives of medium entrepreneurship, encouraging professional mobility and support of professional teams in the social sector.

The Agency works in three main directions: “The New Business” for supporting young talented entrepreneurs; “The Young Professionals” for encouraging professional mobility in the ways, such as creation of professional licensing systems, supporting professional associations, updating standards for professional qualification; “The Social Projects” to support social initiatives in the ways, such as promotion of social institutions development projects, including socially-oriented non-profit organizations, supporting young professional teams working in social institutions through assisting in organizing internships and spreading the best practices of social institutions development in the Russian regions.
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