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Developer of “digital advisors” for industry joins American accelerator

25 Feb '22
The Russian company Piklema has been accepted into the B2B accelerator for technology startups Alchemist Accelerator. Alchemist selects only 50 companies each year, and Piklema, one of the few Russian companies that has become a participant in the semi-annual acceleration program, will receive investment from Alchemist Accelerator and the prospect of supporting large venture capital firms. The accelerator focuses on startups with specialists with strong technical competencies.
“For any technology company, cooperation with Alchemist is an important milestone both for developing investment potential, finding investors and partners, and expanding markets for products and solutions. Piklema plans to enter the markets of the USA, Australia and Canada, and the partnership with Alchemist certainly contributes to achieving these goals,” said Mikhail Makeev, founder and managing director of Piklema.
Alchemist believes that Piklema solutions fit into the trend of the ESG agenda of large industrial holdings, and digital advisors are an effective way to reduce costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Timely ESG transformation of production will be ensured by environmental monitoring with elements of forecasting and production plan management.

Piklema is a technology vendor that develops “digital advisors” for the mining industry. Piklema brings together industry digital transformation experts with over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions for the mining industry in Russia and abroad. Piklema solutions allow you to optimize the processes of mining production and the operation of quarry vehicles.

Accelerator Alchemist is one of the largest B2B accelerators in the world, based in the US, California. Alchemist is the organizer of six-month acceleration programs for high-tech and promising companies at the seed stage. Accelerator graduates receive financial support from Alchemist industrial and venture partners, including Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer, CRV, Felicis, Floodgate, Forerunner, Foundation, Founders Fund, Greylock, Khosla, Menlo, NEA, Polaris, Redpoint, USVP. Alchemist partners with many corporations that shape the science and technology agenda, including Analog Devices, BASF, Cisco, Ericson, GE, Johnson Controls, Juniper, and Volvo.
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