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Composite materials used in Moscow road fences

17 Nov '20
A resident of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow, Nanotechnological Center of Composites, installed more than 5 km of composite fences and 2.8 km of drainage systems on a new section of the Central Ring Road (TsKAD).

New technologically advanced railings last longer, do not rust and are easier to install than conventional metal railings. Part of the route passes through one of the longest bridges in the European part of Russia - the bridge over the Moscow, where, in addition to the railings, 2.8 km of composite drainage systems have been installed.
“The preferences that residents receive allow them to significantly save on tax fees and other mandatory payments, and the funds saved in the budget can be refinanced to design new useful solutions. On the site of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow, the NCC resident company carries out a full cycle of development and production of composite products that are in demand not only in road construction, but also in the production of UAVs, cars, and urban transport. Today, fences manufactured by NCC are installed on roads and bridges throughout Russia, and now on the first smart road, along which, among other things, unmanned vehicles will travel,” emphasized Gennady Dyogtev, General Director of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ.
Alexey Rannev, General Director of NCK LLC, added that every year the company's products are becoming more and more popular with customers, designers and operating organizations.
“Construction of the Central Ring Road is the most important project for the company. In order to produce and assemble a large volume of products in the shortest possible time, it was necessary to significantly modernize and increase production. Thanks to hot pressing technology, the material production cycle was reduced by 8 times, which made it possible to complete the project in the shortest possible time,” he added.
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