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Domestic electric car to be mass-produced in Russia

16 Oct '20
The Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark, working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the region, develops innovative projects of the Technopark residents using dozens of support measures at the regional and federal levels.

More recently, in August 2020, Zetta LLC received the official status of a resident of the Zhigulevskaya Valley high technology technopark. Zetta is the first Russian electric car to be mass-produced in Togliatti. It is a compact three-door electric vehicle. The maximum speed of the electric car is 120 km/h. The cost of the Zetta car in the basic configuration will be 550 thousand rubles. The project has already become interested in Slovakia, where in the future, after the organization of the production of electric cars in Russia, assembly can also be organized.

Director of GAU CEC CO Alexander Sergienko noted the importance of this project for the Samarka region:
- ZETTA company is a vivid example of a new tonality in the domestic experimental car industry. Most recently, the company became a resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark, and this means a lot not only for us, but also for the innovative economy of the entire region. Such projects are important both as experimental developments and as special elements that create the right vector in the development of the entire automotive industry.

Electric vehicles developed in high-tech workshops located in the automotive capital - Togliatti are no longer the future, this is a completely natural reality: cars are environmentally friendly, safe, economical and miniature.

I am sure that the company will soon become one of the drivers of economic development in the Samara region. Technopark together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the region will provide the necessary support measures to promote the ZETTA project and bring its products to the market.
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