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Danish IoT company to use Russian wireless technology

26 Jan '22
Leading Danish provider of IoT solutions RPMAnetworks will use the wireless LIN technology of Skolkovo resident, RIA-GROUP, in security and smart home systems. In early 2022, the first 10,000 devices to be embedded in fire detectors and energy meters, as well as 1,000 smart radio controllers for control panels, are scheduled to ship.

Under the contract, the Skolkovo resident developed universal miniature built-in radio modules less than 10 kopeck in size and intelligent wireless network control radio controllers for gateways, control panels and base stations. The devices will improve the functionality, quality and reliability of security systems and Smart Homes in more than 20 countries around the world - RPMAnetworks implements projects in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.
Andrey Kozulya, Deputy General Director of RIA-GROUP: Practically all technology companies aim to enter foreign markets, which allows them to multiply sales and profits, become a recognizable brand, build a long-term strategy development. In our technological niche of wireless solutions, it is difficult for a small company from Russia to take any position without serious investments and administrative support not only abroad, but also in Russia itself. We were lucky to use that narrow corridor of opportunities when the request of a major foreign integrator for an innovative exclusive wireless technology and our ability to create and adapt it to customer requirements coincided. This will allow RIA-GROUP to enter the international market, scale up, become a global brand, and RPMAnetworks to get a unique device with the best characteristics to successfully compete with other giants of the IoT market.
By According to RPMAnetworks specialists who carried out the integration and testing of the system, the Russian LIN communication technology is ahead of the existing well-known wireless technologies in terms of characteristics and functionality and has every chance to expand its use on the world stage.
Alex Christie, CTO and Operations Director, RPMA Communication & Wireless Equipment: LINC's wireless technology for IoT devices is an important discovery for us. We have tested all currently known wireless technologies for the Smart Home, such as Zigbee, Z-wave, PowerG, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT and Bluetooth, and we can definitely say that LINC has undeniable advantages. We hope to achieve great success with LINC in our new large-scale projects.
The advantages of LINC are the versatility of application both in large spaces and indoors, high bandwidth, guaranteed message delivery mode, constant two-way communication even with stand-alone devices, the use of unique algorithms for avoiding interference and collisions, independence from the Internet connection and the ability to work on transceivers from various manufacturers. The advantage of using LINC for Russian companies is that this technology is not dependent on foreign patents, and therefore is not subject to possible sanctions of foreign states.
Evgeny Romanov, Senior Project Manager, Information Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation: We have long been convinced that the solutions of our residents are not only competitive on the international market, but the best in terms of price/quality ratio. The company RIA-GROUP, using an integrated approach and packaging the product for a specific market niche, was able to gain a competitive advantage over analogues, which are numerous on the market. We continue to follow the achievements of our resident and we are sure that this is only the beginning of a great interesting success story.
The project of RIA-GROUP and RPMAnetworks proves that high-quality wireless technologies are being developed not only abroad, but also in Russia. So far, the most well-known long-range wireless data collection solutions for smart home and automation are either foreign or have foreign roots. The experience of the Skolkovo resident shows that domestic developments can be on a par with the technologies of international colleagues and even outstrip them.
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