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Rostov scientists develop smart material systems

8 Nov '11
Young scientists of the Science Research Institute of Physics of the Southern Federal University (SFU), based in Rostov-on-Don, have developed technologies for creating the multi-component system of materials, which elements can be combined in order to receive nano-structured materials for specific industrial goals, NanoNewsNet reports citing the University.

The institute has been working on this project since 2005. Multi-functional materials, created using ecologically safe technologies, can be used in avia- and rocket-building, radio technology, information and communication sector, medical diagnostics and spintronics.

Earlier the industry mostly used the piezo-ceramic material (zirconate titanate lead), which was the two-component system. The SFU researchers have created systems that can contain the third and fourth components. Importantly, the extra element will be the piezo-ceramics without lead, which, together with three other heavy metals cadmium, mercury and hexatomic chrome, was prohibited for industrial use by the European Union Directive in 2006.

The number of components has increased by many times, various compounds and various proportions of components are also possible. One production line (one scheme, one employee and one reactive), with various composition of components, replaces several lines. The new technology also allows to adapt the materials features to goals of specific constructor or engineer, creating an apparatus on its basis, thus increasing the materials efficiency to the maximum, Konstantin Andryushin, a participant of the research, explained specifics of the new technology.

Now the main goal of the institute is to find an investor, willing to contribute finance into the new technology. The Rostov scientists explain that mass production based on their materials would be possible, as their ceramics cost less and are less technological than their anologies the mono-crystals.
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