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Astrakhan region forms innovations order bank

7 Nov '11
Government of Astrakhan region has launched the new information project – the Innovations Order Bank, the website of the Commission on Modernization and Technological Development of Economy of Russia reports.

The new project will reportedly help to set up a system of actual orders and practical implementation of inventions of local innovation companies.

According to the project coordinator Tatyana Popova, proposals and business-ideas of local companies will be published at the website of the regional Ministry of Economic Development.

Innovation companies will be able to learn about demand for new products from the website, as well as project coordinators. The regional authorities have formed the register of local innovation companies. Total number is 150, these are mostly small firms, based at the higher education institutions in the region.

These firms work in various fields, such as IT-services, construction, oil refining, medicine, energy saving and energy efficiency. This link between inventors and consumers will help them to find each other sooner.

The official website of Astrakhan region reports that the Ministry of Economic Development of Astrakhan region is forming the innovations order bank in order to stimulate demand for innovative goods and services, as well as search of innovative solutions of various technical tasks for companies by the talented youth community.

The regional officials take in proposals from businesses on how to solve a task of searching for innovative solutions in the sectors of medicine, construction, oil refining, energy saving, energy efficiency and others.
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