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Siberian solution to help identify genetic mutations in dogs

20 Nov '20
Resident of the business incubator of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok Technopark, VetGenomica received a grant of 3,000,000 rubles for R&D, the results of which will enable the sale of a new line of tests.

The company presented the project Development of a set of thirty test systems for diagnosing hereditary diseases in dogs by real-time PCR. Thanks to the proposed solution, owners of different breeds of dogs will be able to quickly identify the predisposition of the development of hereditary diseases in pets.

In 2017, the project was already supported by the Foundation under the Start-1 program. The funding allowed for large-scale development and launch of the first panel of tests for canine genetic diseases, with which the team entered the market.
We provide services to identify genetic mutations associated with the development of specific genetic diseases and the manifestation of various conformational characteristics in dogs and cats. As part of the Start-2 program, we are developing another panel of tests for several dozen hereditary diseases in dogs. Mutations associated with the development of a hereditary disease are passed on to the offspring from the parents, therefore, the mutation status can be diagnosed from birth.

Thus, genetic tests are primarily a selection tool that allows breeders to plan an optimal breeding strategy and minimize the likelihood of potentially diseased individuals, said Petr Laktionov, Commercial Director of VetGenomica.
The company is currently working with breeders, dog owners, veterinary clinics and other organizations interested in applying new technologies to support the well-being of pets.
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