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OPENBIO (October 27-30, 2020)

6 Aug '20
An industry-specific set of events dedicated to the commercialization of ideas and business development in the life sciences.

The OpenBio platform is the largest interregional event in the field of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, recognized by the business and scientific community as a gathering point for ideas and proposals, a place for discussing urgent problems.

The event will take place in the following areas:

- a forum for business, government, science and infrastructure;
- scientific conference of young molecular biologists; virologists, biotechnologists and biophysicists;
- exhibition of biotechnological and biopharmaceutical companies;
- Siberian Venture Fair (in 2020 will be held as part of OpenBio), pitching of promising projects, participation of project teams in the exhibition;
- science without borders: children's forum, ART SCIENCE, aesthetics of the microworld.
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