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Main Startup Tour prize in Krasnoyarsk goes to air purification

5 Mar '20
In Krasnoyarsk, the results of the Open Innovations Startup Tour, the largest event to search for promising startups in Russia and the CIS countries, were summed up. This is the fourth time a startup tour has been held in this city.

34 projects entered the semifinals of the regional startup competition, 29 of them were from Krasnoyarsk. In addition, there were semi-finalists from Zheleznogorsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Barnaul. Contestants competed in three tracks: information technology, biotechnology in medicine and agriculture, industrial and energy technologies.

Prizes were distributed as follows:

Information Technology Track

1st place - Sergey Terskikh, IT-Universe, with the project Creating a comprehensive Atlant OS administration system based on a cascade-integrated mount with centralized management.

2nd place - Oleg Ternovoi, TERNEX, the project Self-organizing public Wi-Fi mesh network of high availability Altai.

3rd place - Anton Khramov, AE-Technologies, the project I wash myself.

Track biotechnology in medicine and agriculture

1st place - Maxim Kubrikov, Rebus 3D Technologies, project System of emergency tick-borne self-defense.

2nd place was shared by Natalya Abakumova, Yar Line, with the project Development of Organic Fertilizer Production Chudorost, and Konstantin Kistersky, Siberian Federal University, project 3D Printing of Bioregenerative Bone Implants.

3rd place - Maxim Bayandin, HETWOOD (Siberian State University named after M.F. Reshetneva), project Development of a technology for the production of environmentally friendly heat-insulating materials from woodworking waste and food production.

Track industrial and energy technology

1st place - Irina Turova, FORS Krasnoyarsk, project Development of technology and equipment to intensify the process of cleaning the air flow.

2nd place - Dmitry Popov, New Technologies, the project New technology for wet-type gas purification with a paraboloid monovortex.

3rd place - Yevgeny Getts, Central Design Institute of Public Joint-Stock Company ISS, project Energy-efficient power supply system of the data center.

All winners received invitations to Startup Village - the largest startup conference in Russia and the CIS, which will be held in May at the Skolkovo innovation center. The contestants who took first places in each track reached the grand final. The victory was celebrated by Irina Turova, who received a cash prize in the amount of 300 thousand rubles and the right to enter the semifinals of the Startup Village contest without the need to participate in the qualifying round.
We produce unique equipment for air purification from industrial dust and emissions, Irina Turova told - Since industrial enterprises are always dusty, there are already quite a lot of such equipment. Filters of sleeve-cassette and water types have a purity of 99%, but at the same time they are very capricious - they work in conditions close to ideal. The cyclone filter is good for everyone, except that it does 70-80% cleaning. Our invention combines the advantages of previous types of filters. With an efficiency of 99%, it is as easy to maintain as a cyclone type filter. We plan to launch the industrial production of our cyclone separators for enterprises in the region.
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