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Wood waste + catalyst = commercial bio-oil

23 Aug '18
Scientists in Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia, have improved on their technology of obtaining liquid hydrocarbon products from wood biomass waste. The technology is expected to help convert sawdust into valuable organic compounds.

The researchers are said to have been able to come up with a very special way of processing an aspen-catalyst mixture which gives 89% bio-oil yield. The product can be used to make fuel additives and multi-functional polymers.

To step up the biomass conversion, the scientists have suggested that solid acid-based zeolite catalysts be used in the process. Zeolites are minerals that consist, among other substances, of silicon and aluminum. According to Dr. Boris Kuznetsov who runs a lab at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Krasnoyarsk, such catalysts can be easily extracted from a reaction medium, restored, and then re-used to boost reactions.
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