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Siberians develop advanced neurosurgery monitoring system

2 Jun '16
A collaborative team of scientists from several Siberian research institutes has come up with a new monitoring system for neurosurgery. The developers claim its unparalleled in the world, portal Russian Science reported.

Using the system is expected to help substantially reduce the number of postsurgical complications, as the solution is said to enable ongoing monitoring of what physicians refer to as specific load on blood vesselsan important factor determining surgerys success or failure. The load changes as surgery goes on; if it exceeds permissible limits, the whole procedure puts the vessels at serious risk. By monitoring the load and taking proper action to reduce it on time surgeons can now prevent vessel damage and avert a lot of postsurgical complications.

Before the new solution was developed possible deteriorations in the blood vessels as a result of overload were basically unpredictable, which led to similar operations having different outcomes.

The project has been funded from a grant by the Russian Scientific Fund.
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