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New rapid virus identification method developed in Siberia

12 Jan '17
Researchers at the Novosibirsk-based Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics in Siberia have come up with a technique enabling very fast identification of hepatitis and other viruses. The new diagnostics method will be used in lab research.

At the heart of the technology is a quartz resonator used as sensor; its sensitive enough to make it possible to pinpoint tiniest particles and even single viruses.

The Siberian approach is expected to help separate bacteria of different types and gauge the strength of their bonds with the surface of the resonator; each time a particle detaches from the surface, the researchers identify a special acoustic signal.

A Rzhanov Institute team is reported to have partnered with MBA Technology, a private company, to develop a portable device enabling express-analysis of various viruses and phages in an ordinary district health center. The project developers believe the efficacy of the new search and examination method for hepatitis and other viruses will be no worse than with the most expensive methods that exist today. Production of a test batch of the device is slated for later this year.
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