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Siberian silver to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi

15 Apr '16
Researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic (TPU), a leading university in Siberia, are developing a silver nanoparticles based medicinal solution called “Argovit,” which is believed to be equally effective against viruses, germs, and fungi.

“So far, harmful microorganisms have not developed any lasting immunity response to silver. Silver-based solutions profoundly impact bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our product beats a broad range of pathogenic germs in a variety of conditions,” said Prof. Alexei Pestryakov who runs a physical and analytical chemistry lab at TPU.

The scientists are reported to produce nanoparticles for their solution from silver nitrate using industrial methods.

To make the new silver-based product the TPU research team has partnered with Vektor-Vita, a company from neighboring Novosibirsk, and uses proprietary techniques, including ones that are based on particle acceleration. A special biochemical generator is said to be used, and the resultant solutions “are non-toxic and have a long shelf life of up to two years.”

“We produce silver that is non-toxic for people in a wide range of doses. No allergies have been detected thus far. Our solutions are but a fraction of the price range for the latest fifth-generation antibiotics currently available in the market,” Prof. Pestryakov said.

The team working on the Argovit includes many researchers both from Siberia and abroad, including Spain and Mexico. The product is said to have been tested on cases involving 25 different diseases and is now manufactured in Novosibirsk in the form of bioactive additives, ointments, gels and some cosmetic solutions.

The scientists have plans to move on to get the Argovit certified as a therapeutic drug.
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