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Siberians offer new polymers with improved biocompatibility

21 Mar '17
Researchers from the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Krasnoyarsk-based Institute of Biophysics (both in Siberia) in partnership with their German colleagues have been working on materials for biopolymers to be used in medicine. The team has developed a technique making the biopolymers more compatible with the human tissues than their current competition in the market. Their biopolymers are said to be able to interact with our natural bodily fluids, including blood.

Biopolymers are widely used in medicine across countries to treat, repair and regenerate wounds, cartilages and joints. The materials act as a replacement for a damaged area, letting new living cells grow around them, and then degrade without any harm to the body. However, the surface of a biopolymer doesnt get moistened with water or water solutions, which makes it harder for the new cells to grow over. The scientists purposed to alter the property of polymer surface to address the problem.

According to Roman Surmenev at the Tech Center at Tomsk Polytechnic, the researchers treated biopolymers in high-frequency plasma, a method of changing properties of material in a very thin surface layer without damaging the structure of a biopolymer itself. This is expected to keep the key physical, mechanical and biological properties of the material, the scientist said.

The researchers have recently broadened their focus to include work on other biodegradable polymers as well.
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Locations: Tomsk; Krasnoyarsk

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