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In Siberia, chemists develop biodegradable material to replace bone tissue

14 Jul '15
Scientists at the Tomsk State University (TSU) are developing biocomposite material to replace bone tissue. The material is said to pose a low risk of rejection and to be completely dissolvable in the human body, TSU announced.

According to Darya Latykina, the project manager and a research fellow at TSUs catalysis research lab, compared to competitive materials to replace bone tissue the biocomposite being developed at TSU is believed to have no deficiencies characteristic of predecessors, as those had low biocompatibility, were easy to crack, and required replacement after some time. With the new material, the likelihood of it being rejected by a patients body is much lower than with titanium or ceramic implants, the Siberian researchers claim.

The material consists of biodegradable polymers and lab-developed hydroxyapatite, a substance that is a mineral foundation of the human bones. That is why doctors dont have to remove from a patient an implant made from this material. A combination of hydroxyapatite and polymer is said to lay the foundation for the development of new implants that repeat 100% the shape of a natural bone to be replaced.

TSU says the new material is completely safe for man. With initial biocompatibility tests successfully over, the scientists are seeking a patent for their discovery.
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