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Siberian university and partner seek to improve P2P TV

25 Mar '15
A new multimedia data processing and transmission laboratory opened at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) earlier this week, the website of the Association of Russias Innovation Regions reported. One of Siberias leading universities is pooling efforts in the project with a local company, Elecard.

The $4m endeavor, which began in 2012, is reportedly aimed at developing and commercializing new adaptive peering (P2P) TV technology.

Using the technology developed by TUSUR and Elecard is expected to help optimize data transmission without any loss of quality, and also considerably reduce the cost of the process. An end user will find it very easy to use the technology, the developers say: by simply downloading special player software to his or her smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, or smart TV set.

The P2P television technology is fairly new to the global market, and all solutions available across the globe are said to have some drawbacks. The partners in Siberia are reported to be working to come up with a more refined system that will have unique characteristics compared to existing analogs, the source claims.
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