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Tomskís TUSUR and U.S. firm to open joint scientific center in Siberia

8 Dec '14
The Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) and Keysight TeŮhnologies, a U.S. company, have plans to open Siberiaís first scientific and educational center in Tomsk in early 2015, portal reported.

TUSUR is reported to have already launched this past fall its new masterís degree program focused on the automation of the design of microwave-range micro- and nanoelectronic devices for radio engineering systems. The program has been developed by TUSURís chair of computer systems for control and automation, using the standards set by Keysight TeŮhnologies for international certification. The future TUSUR graduates will be able to receive a special Keysight TeŮhnologies certificate that makes its owner eligible for being entered into an international skilled specialists database.

The new Center is slated for launch in early 2015. The partners will reportedly start by equipping a training lab that will have instrumentation and Keysight-developed software. More labs will then be opened, including those of microwave measurements and the automatic design of microwave devices.
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