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Siberian researchers offer new vessel sterilization method for medicine and biotech study

23 Apr '14
Scientists at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) in Siberia have managed to completely destroy E. coli germ strains by exposing a vessel that contains the bacteria to an electron beam, reported.

As they were experimenting, they are said to have successfully avoided having to heat the vessel considerably or applying hazardous radiationóa typical list of deficiencies that are hard to bypass in the conventional plasma or other methods used in the sterilization of glass and plastic.

ďIt took us within five minutes to irradiate the vessel with a beam. But that was enough to completely do away with all the bacteria,Ē said Denis Zolotukhin, a postgraduate at TUSURís physics chair.

The experiment was made possible after the Siberian university developed a unique research unit that uses a forevacuum plasma source of electrons. The new system reportedly enables highly efficient treatment of both metals and nonconductive items. Using the machine, scientists can now irradiate a germ-infested object with short-lived pulses, thus applying a large number of such pulses within a very brief period of time.

The new equipment is estimated to cost about $43,000óa substantial reduction from plasma sterilization systems that may cost $100,000 and more.
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