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Novosibirsk researchers develop material for brand new infrared sights

11 Nov '13
Researchers at the Novosibirsk-based Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics in Siberia have developed technology enabling production of new photosensitive material to make infrared rear and gun sights and next gen surveillance systems, Russian online business daily Vzglyad reported.

The material has reportedly been developed as a film-structured solid solution of cadmium telluride and mercury. The Institute scientists are said to now be able to generate complex films a fraction of a micron to 15 microns thick, using a new high-tech molecular beam epitaxy technique which enables controlled and directional growth of a crystal on the surface of another one.

According to Sergei Dvoretsky, the development team leader, the technology enables the creation of multispectral photoreceivers providing ampler and more accurate information about an object of interest.

As a result, infrared devices may become simpler and easier-to-handle, with reduced size, energy consumption and costs. Using the above film-structured compositions is expected to make it possible to develop and produce a wide range of infrared engineering, compact enough for any soldier to have, let alone aircraft, tanks or other combat machinery.

The Siberian institute has set up a special manufacturing line to put film-based photosensitive material into serial production and meet the demand from Russian developers and makers of infrared detectors, Mr. Dvoretsky said.
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