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Siberia gears up for Russia’s first bionanoceramics-based prosthetics

14 Feb '13
Physicians in Novosibirsk, in Siberia, are planning for next week Russia’s first surgery on a patient’s spinal column, using a home-made bionanoceramic prosthetic device, reports citing Mikhail Sadovoy, the head of the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (NNIITO).

Until now, such ceramics was only made in Germany by CeramTec, he emphasized.

NEVZ-Ceramics, a project start-up established two years ago by Russia’s nanotech giant, Rusnano, and NEVZ-Soyuz, a local industrial company in Novosibirsk, is reportedly pushing the nanoceramics production project in partnership with the Novosibirsk Medical Techno-park; the latter is responsible for preclinical and clinical trials of the new product.

According to Mr. Sadovoy, the partners have been testing the new bionanoceramics on a range of objects from lab animals to bio-dummies in a bid to fine-tune the product.

“And now we’re beginning to use it in patients for vertebral body replacement; the surgeries will start next week. Implants are a much more complex structure; it is a matter of another four months,” the NNIITO director said.

The physician explained that on the NNIITO premises, three such operations on patients’ spinal columns are planned for February and March; four months from now, they want to do five surgeries to replace hip joints.

It will take three months after a surgery for doctors to see if the body has fully ‘accepted’ the prosthetic device. “We have completed animal testing. All tests were successful,” Mr. Sadovoy said.

Implants made exclusively from nanoceramics are expected to serve in a human body for about 20 years, twice as long as conventional metals and polyethylene used today. But such devices are more expensive.
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