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Siberian scientists develop biodegradable polymer based drugs

11 Dec '12
A group of researchers from Krasnoyarsk-based Siberian Federal University (SFU) has received a $62,500 grant from the Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund for Science and Engineering Support for the development of prototypes for biodegradable polymer based drug candidates, news agency Interfax-Siberia reports citing an SFU source.

Biodegradable polymers, a bioplastotan in this project, enable drug delivery directly to the core of a disease, make the drugs curative action more lasting, and augment the healing effect, the report says.

We have developed drug candidates filled with cytostatic [causing death of malignant cells] anti-inflammatory substances of steroid and nonsteroid nature. The candidates have demonstrated their effectiveness in in-vivo trials, the SFU team said.

The innovative biodegradable polymer, bioplastotan, has been developed at the Krasnoyarsk-based Institute of Biophysics of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. SFU has set up a special start-up, which is expected in early 2013 to begin producing bioplastotan on its new machine with a capacity of up to 100 kilos a year.

The Krasnoyarsk Regional Fund for Science and Engineering Support was set up in December 2008. Over the past three years more than 700 innovation projects developed by regional academia have received backing.
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