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Siberian scientists to make uncooled photo detectors

21 Mar '12
Scientists of the Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science will be first in Russia to produce thermal vision optical detectors of infra-red range that allow to see objects in complex environments, news agency RIA Novosti reports.

Under plans, by the end of the year the first devices will be supplied to state corporation Rosatom.

Uncooled matrix photo detectors allow to see objects in darkness, fog, or smoke, within five-kilometer distance in infra-red range of thermal radiation. The devices can be used in thermal vision sights, search devices, transport, ecological and fire control systems. Uncooled photo detectors are less costly, smaller, lighter, and consume less energy than cooled ones.

According to Dmitry Esayev, the head of the ISP lab of photo detectors, Russia does not have series production of uncooled matrix photo detectors, and import of these products is limited due to their dual-purposefulness. Under his estimate, Russia needs about 10,000 photo detecting devices per year.

The device experimental models have been successfully tested in smoke-covered mines with limited visibility. The small device can be attached to a miners or rescuers cask so that they can see all objects in case of emergency, Mr. Esayev said.

Photo detectors with spectrum range of 8-14 micron, equipped with signal control and registration systems, will be manufactured by December 2012.
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