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Tomsk's nanoceramics implant production launched

24 Feb '12
Germany’s MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH&Ko.KG has launched production of implants from zirconium-oxide nano-ceramics in Russia, RusNanoNet reports.

The complex is located in the Tomsk special economic zone (SEZ).

The plant’s projected annual capacity is 8,000 implants. Under plans, in 2012 it will manufacture 1,000 joint implants.

This is Russia's first the world's second to make small joint implants from the so-called “future material” that provides maximum comfort to patients. In the course of multiple researches the material has demonstrated technological superiority over metals.

The product is expected to undergo European certification soon. The plant aims to sell 20% of its products in Russia and export 80%. The manufacturer intends to enter global markets through joint ventures in the most significant regions of the world, including India, the USA, China, Brazil, Japan and others. Such model enables the producer to adapt implant structures to market specifics around the world and efficiently promote products at the global market.

In 2012 the plant may open branch offices in India and China, the two countries showing most demand for the products. Another complex to produce instruments for installing implants is located in Delhi, India. Its products are currently undergoing European certification procedure.

The ceramic implant complex in Tomsk is expected to help to eliminate dependency on imports in the respective medicine sector, resulting in lower production costs and better access to this type of medical aid by Russian citizens.
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Locations: Tomsk; Tomskaya oblast

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