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Robocafe opened in St. Petersburg

14 Jan '22
In the Coffeenomica cafe, instead of the usual waiters, vending machines and manipulators, visitors are served by a real robot.

Eisenkoch (German - iron chef) is the name of the new employee of the conceptual robocafe, who treats visitors with home-made robowafers and cheers up the residents and guests of St. Petersburg. He does not need a salary, social package and a uniform, and he is ready to show performance miracles around the clock.

Vadim Manaenko, a member of the AIRA community, which includes the team of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark resident ANO Airalab Rus, co-founder of Multiagent Systems LLC, the company that supplied the robot for this project, commented on the immediate prospects:
“In the next 3 months, we will make some adjustments to the Iron Chef, calculate the economics of its participation - determine the cost of rent for other coffee shops, the cost of maintenance, the amount of profit that it will bring over the specified period. Now we are working closely with the specialists of the coffee shop itself, which already has its own regular visitors, who appeared thanks to our robot. The menu line will be expanded in the near future”.
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