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Russian leader in educational robotics

31 Dec '20
The ROBBO company, which develops the international network of robotics and programming schools ROBBOClub.Ru, became the winner of the regional stage of the All-Russian award Exporter of the Year 2020. The company won in the category Small and Medium Enterprises in the nomination Exporter of the Year in the Service Sector. The award ceremony took place on December 24.

The All-Russian competition in the field of international cooperation and export Exporter of the Year is aimed at popularizing the success stories of Russian business abroad. The prize, initiated by the national project International Cooperation and Export, is awarded to those organizations and individual entrepreneurs who successfully export non-resource non-energy goods, works, services and results of intellectual activity. The potential and results of the companies' work on the international market this year were assessed by a commission, which included experts from Sberbank, the Russian Export Center, federal ministries and business associations.

The company ROBBO, which became the exporter of the year in the sphere of services in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises, since 2015 has been actively developing a network of ROBBO Clubs and ROBBO Classes for children abroad. In 2020 alone, the global network ROBBOClub.Ru launched mugs in Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Georgia and Romania based on the franchise model. In them, students can learn programming, robotics, 3D modeling and circuitry. And even despite the pandemic, ROBBOClub.Ru continued its international expansion. The company quickly adapted to the ongoing changes in the global market, and classes in the circles started online. After winning the Russian-Japanese competition for technology projects Fukuoka Startup Day, ROBBO also received an invitation from the Government of Japan to establish a joint venture ROBBO Japan in the country.

In parallel, the company developed its historically first, Finnish direction. ROBBO Finland has developed and successfully tested a seven-day robotics course for youth as part of the European Union's Erasmus+ student exchange program. In addition, right now the company is participating in the international project POETA, aimed at creating a platform in the EU for teaching students the technologies of Industry 4.0.

More than 50 thousand children in 21 countries of the world, including the countries of Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, and the USA, are already studying according to their own methodology ROBBOClub.Ru. More than 130 ROBBO Club franchises have been sold and over 300 ROBBO Classes have been delivered. And the team is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.
Russia is often called an outsider in the field of robotics, based on the number of implemented industrial robots and the level of production robotization. However, this is not entirely correct. We have a very strong school of service and educational robotics in our country. And this is what we want to convey to the international community. Therefore, our export activity is not only a business, but also a huge social, educational work, - the founder and producer of ROBBO Pavel Frolov comments on the results of the award.
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is a Russian developer of educational robotics based on open source software and hardware. Leadership project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). Resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and JSC Technopark of St. Petersburg. Member of the National Technology Initiative Circle Movement. ROBBO products were developed with the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund and the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade. With the help of ROBBO, more than 50,000 children study in 300+ schools and 130+ clubs in 21 countries of the world. ROBBO has twice won the Google RISE Awards, and is also the winner of the competitions of the governments of Finland (FinLanding) and Japan (Fukuoka Startup Day), the winner of the St. Petersburg government award for the best innovative product and the title of Best Social Project-2018. Representative offices of the company are opened in Finland and Japan. Website:
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