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Russian AI developer for medicine is ready to enter the international market

29 Dec '20
In the outgoing pandemic year, K-SKY has attracted more than 130 million rubles of private investment to develop the Webiomed system and enter international markets. The total revenue of the Skolkovo resident has grown 6.8 times compared to 2019

The main qualitative result of the year for the team of the Petrozavodsk company was the registration by Roszdravnadzor of the Webiomed medical decision support system. Thus, Webiomed became the first artificial intelligence system registered in Russia as a medical device.

The Webiomed predictive analytics and patient risk management platform allows you to automatically analyze medical data, identify risk factors and suspicions for diseases, and generate forecasts based on them, containing a comprehensive assessment of the likelihood of various diseases and patient death.
This year was incredibly difficult, but at the same time, a breakthrough one for our platform, which will contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality by predicting the possible development of diseases and their complications in personal and population level, - said the general director of K-Sky Roman Novitsky. - During the year, projects were implemented in 10 regions of the Russian Federation, and currently 76 medical organizations are connected to the system. The system processed more than 60 million medical documents, and more than 2 million patients received a risk assessment.
And all this - despite the coronavirus pandemic in which the K-Sky team worked a significant part of the time at a distance.
In this sense, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped, said the co-founder of the company Alexander Gusev in an interview with earlier. - Before the pandemic, we basically wanted and planned to deal with non-communicable chronic diseases - cardiovascular, diabetes, etc. - and thought that there would be the greatest demand. But when the pandemic began, and our projects had already been launched, we suddenly began to see that our customers also needed a risk assessment and identification of suspicions for infectious diseases, coronavirus. Therefore, we slightly suspended work on chronic diseases and began to urgently add an assessment of risk groups for Covid-19. Having a proven technology for identifying, tracking and analytical processing of suspected infectious diseases, it is easier to add different pathogens and types of infections. Such a monitoring and early warning tool can be very useful, in our opinion.
During 2020, K-Sky actively participated in various competitions and exhibitions in the digital health sector and 8 once became the winner. In particular, the Webiomed system won the prestigious AstraZeneca Skolkovo StartUp competition.
We work closely with the Skolkovo Foundation, this year we received financial support and mentoring support from Skolkovo Ventures specialists as part of investment mentoring, says Roman Novitsky. The Skolkovo Foundation actively helps us in presenting the product to potential customers and in finding new markets.
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