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St. Pete e-platform for clinical trials goes to S. Korea

24 Apr '19
Data MATRIX, a St. Petersburg-based IT developer, is introducing to the South Korean market its advanced IT solutions for next gen clinical trials. The company told Marchmont News that a cooperation agreement has been inked recently with Seoul CRO, one of South Korea’s leading contract research organizations.

Under terms of the agreement, the Russian developer of IT solutions and provider of services in data processing / clinical trials automation is giving Seoul CRO exclusive rights for the use of its know-how and partnering with the Koreans in the introduction of a broad range of its proprietary IT products and cloud services in the Korean market.

The situation in Korea’s clinical trials is much the same as in Russia, Data MATRIX says; patients’ individual records on paper are still widely used. Introducing electronic solutions, automation and online data monitoring brings advantages which are obvious to both physicians and investors.

Ekaterina Churzina who heads Data MATRIX’s development department hopes that the St. Pete solutions will help Korean partners “…increase their competitiveness and ultimately see their business strategies successful.”

Medical cases the Russian company has already completed domestically, as well as in Europe and the U.S., showed a 40% reduction of time spent at the set-up and closing of a clinical trial, and an up to 70% cut in overall costs, a spokesperson tor Data MATRIX told Marchmont News. The proprietary algorithms rule out incorrect data entry or loss of data, and enable online monitoring of a trial, thus improving the quality of data collected, the source added.
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24 Apr '19 | Technology & innovation | Finance, business
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