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New material helps use light to record data

17 Mar '17
Physicists at the St. Petersburg-based ITMO University have partnered with colleagues in Germany and the Netherlands in research and experiments that change parameters of the light to create quasiparticles known as excitons, which are fully controlled and enable the recording of data at room temperatures.

The particles are a transitional form between photons and electrons, and the researchers hope the discovery will help develop compact optoelectronic devices for fast recording and processing of an optical signal. The proposed method is based on a novel class of material known as metal-organic framework with van der Waals forces operating in between the layers of the material.

The scientists not only succeeded in creating excitons at room temperatures but also learned how to control the quasiparticles with an ultra-high sensitivity of a few hundred femtoseconds. On top of that, they now know how to activate the excitons by changing distance between the layers.

The exciton is no news to scientists in the world, and it could already have been used to develop a fundamentally new family of super-compact and remarkably energy-efficient devices. All the prototypes of exciton-based devices, however, either can only operate at very low temperatures or are too complicated to make.
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