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St. Pete researchers invent external portable man-made heart

6 May '15
Scientists in St. Petersburg have developed an experimental prototype of a portable device that is designed to help artificially restore blood circulation in the human body, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

According to Oleg Reznik, the project manager and director of the Organ Donation Center at the Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Care, the introduction of the new device is expected to increase the capabilities of paramedics while doubling potential for transplantology.

This is a portable perfusion device that operates as an artificial heart taken outside of the human body, he explained. Artificial blood circulation is enabled in hospitals during open heart surgeries, but there are no portable systems.

The device could be very useful in transplantology, too. It is expected to make sure organs are preserved until a patients family members decide whether the organs can or cannot be used to save the life of another patient that needs a transplant. The developers say they have attested the devices ability to preserve kidneys, liver and lungs; whether the instrument can preserve the heart as well has yet to be confirmed, Mr. Reznik said.

The scientist added that it would take two years and an estimated $1.7m in investment to develop an industrial prototype based on todays experimental one.
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