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RUSNANO to set up PET-Center in Arkhangelsk region

21 May '12
State-owned nanotechnological company RUSNANO and Arkhangelsk region have signed an agreement to set up a center of positron-emission tomography in the region, RUSNANO reports.

Under the agreement, Arkhangelsk region will have a full-cycle radiopharmaceutical production complex, including cyclotron center to work on short-living isotopes and a diagnostics center of positron-emission and computer tomography.

Arkhangelsk region will thus join the regional chain of PET-centers, operating also in Lipetsk, Oryol, Tambov, Bryansk, and Ufa. The project is carried out under an investment agreement between RUSNANO, RosMedTechnology, and Hungary’s MEDILUX. Total project budget is estimated at $80m, including $40m from RUSNANO. The parties have set up the JV “PET-Technology” for the project.

“For RUSNANO, PET/CT centers are a regional chain project. We want people in the regions to have an opportunity to get fast and timely modern diagnostics that they need,” said Anatoly Chubais, CoB of RUSNANO.

“By setting up PET-Centers, which are so vital for people’s well-being, we at the same time open the way for innovation development in Arkhangelsk region,” added Anatoly Orlov, the governor of the region.

Positron-emission tomography is used in diagnostics of oncological diseases, cardiology and neurology. If compared to other research methods, PET-diagnostics detects 18% more tumors at early stages, thus improving treatment prognosis and lowering mortality.
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