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Alcor-Bio's allergens get European quality mark

22 Mar '12
Allergens, made by St. Petersburg pharmaceutical company Alcor Bio, were marked with a CE-Mark, confirming that the products quality meets European Union safety requirements, RusNanoNet reports.

The marked group of medicines included eight newest allergens, produced in early March.

Today Alcor Bio produces 88 liquid biotinylated allergens. Under plans, a few dozen new kinds of allergens will be developed and produced in 2012.

Alcor Bio makes food, epidermal, mite, dust, mold, grass pollen, and mixture allergens. All the company’s products have been registered with the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor).

Out of the company’s 60 + products, 34 have the CE-mark.

The assessment of Alcor Bio’s medicines’ compliance with European quality requirements was performed by the company MediMarkt Europe.

Alcor Bio develops and produces test-systems of immune-ferment and molecular-genetic analysis.
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